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Round the top, but we didn’t miss the bottom

Posted by on March 7, 2012

Back from lovely Melbourne in time to hit the panic button. I’m up to my ears in packing and organising the storage, move, insurances, cleaning services etc.

12 days to go including next weekend when I’m off for a two days on a Sea Survival course. Activities will include man overboard practice (yes, one of participants has to be in the water!), wet drills, flare demonstrations etc – all finished with theory and practice exams. Oh joy…..


I caught up with our marina neighbours today (a very nice couple, who are planning to do a similar thing as us, they’ve been living on their boat for the last six months preparing for their trip). They told me (exactly this), that they were still preparing for their trip, but they would never be as prepared as us. I think it’s a positive comment…?

As a reminder how good the sailing is (and to test yet another plugin!) here are some photos from “the bottom” – all taken during our holidays on Kangaroo Island in South Australia a while ago:

KI Photos

2 Responses to Round the top, but we didn’t miss the bottom

  1. The New Australian

    You’ll never be ready, but go anyway. You’ll have thought of all the important stuff and the remainder can be posted to meet you on the way, if need be.

    I bet, in a year’s time, when you look back at the list or “mind map” or whatever method that you used to plan the trip you’ll struggle to add anything new to it based on experience.

  2. her

    let’s hope you re right!

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